10 Reasons to Go Local!

What's the deal with Local?

Joining a Local Sorority is a Unique opportunity. There is no one else with our letters in the whole world​. Being local means knowing your sisters inside and out. Building deep lasting frienship with strong, intellectual, brilliant women. Have you ever wondered who your bridesmaids would be? Mine are my sisters.  

1. We Know Each Other Inside Out!

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Being a local sorority means we're smaller than national organizations. Because of this, I know each and everyone of my sisters from their character quirks to their favorite pizza topping!... mmm pizza

2. We're Close to Our Alumnae, Like Really Close!

Our Alumnae love us and we love them! They are always at our events and joining in on the fun. Just because they graduated doesn't mean they stopped being here. Because we are local, a lot of our Alumnae are well.... local!

3. Our Traditions!

Local Sororities have their own unique traditions! Our sorority was founded at and is only at the New Jersey Institute of technology, our traditions are adapted to the environment at NJIT and can only be found with Sigma Psi Kappa!

4. Our Lines!

You can trace our lines all the way back to our founders, we not only know our bigs and granbigs but we know very far back! Our lines are super close and full of love!

5. Leadership Opportunity

With a smaller sorority it gives all member the opportunity to lead and influence what we do and how we do it. Not only does this mean great leadership opportunity for you but it makes our sorority and events unique!

6. Dues

Being a local sorority means we control ourselves. Our money does not need to fund a national professional governing body. This means our dues are much lower than other organizations!

7. We're Unique!

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Being a local organization, we don't tend to attract people who are out looking for greek life. We attract people who stumble into our lives and love us and we love them. This not only means we know each other really well, it means we're a bunch of unique women who fell into greek life.

And that's the way we like it!

8. We Build Each Other up

We're not here to break each other down or compete against each other. We're here to support each other and build each other. Whether it's celebrating your highs or picking you up at your lows, your sisters will be there for you!

9. Sisterhood By Friendship

Our sorority was founded to be a safe haven for women. This is something we hold true to this day. Each of our sisters love and care for each other, we wouldn't be a sisterhood by friendship if we didn't.

10. Local and PROUD!

Being a local organization is something we pride ourself on. We may not have chapters across the country, but we have a home at NJIT and sisters doing great things everywhere in the world. Being a part of greek life is about more than having connections, it's about finding family. We have our family in Sigma Psi Kappa!


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