Commonly Asked Questions

I’m an incoming freshman interested in joining, can I join?

While first semester freshmen cannot join, you can be marked down as interested, and also still come to rush events and get to know the sisters before becoming an associate member next semester.

I’m an Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) student, can I also join my freshman year?

Sadly, while Educational Opportunity Program students cannot join at all their freshman year, you can still come to rush events and take an interest in the sorority before you are able to become an associate member.

How does one join?

Going to the rush events and showing interest in the sisters! If you seem like a genuinely kind person there is no reason for you not to become an associate member!

Can I join other organizations if I’m in Sigma Psi Kappa?

That depends on both organizations. You cannot be a member of two social Greek organizations however, there are business organizations that you may be a member of with approval.

What makes being a local sorority different?

Because we are local, we have no national governing board, letting us cater specifically to our chapter at NJIT. We’re also closer to our alumni and the dues each semester are more affordable than national sororities.

What are the benefits of being a Sigma Psi Kappa after graduating NJIT?

Being a woman in Computer Science, it’s amazing to have connections to other women in that field that can help lift you up in a male-dominated area. Sigma Psi Kappa is and always will be a sorority founded for women, by women, to help uplift our sisters. We're also more than Computer Science, we have sisters across the country that we keep in contact with that can offer up advice and help when beginning your professional life.

What are the benefits of joining a Greek organization?

All sororities have benefits such as sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, philanthropy, and also meeting all different people you might not have met if you didn’t join! Each sorority is based on a different principle and value--ours being sisterhood by friendship--as well as being made by women, for the women of NJIT. In short, it’s an easy way to be connected and get involved at school to make the most of your college years, as well as benefit your future and career goals.

Isn’t a sorority just paying for friends?

Being in a sorority is like joining a student-run club, there are fees associated with becoming a member. Greek organizations require dues to operate just like other organizations or businesses. Joining a sorority, you can make friends that will last a lifetime, for sororities provide an environment that fosters personal growth and promotes lifelong friendship.

I’m scared about hazing is that something your sorority does?

No! Sigma Psi Kappa follows strict anti-hazing policies that are enforced both by the sorority and by NJIT.

What is the time commitment of being a member?

While each semester we require 15 community service hours, each week after being an active sister there is a meeting that lasts 1-2 hours. While we do run other social events, they are not mandatory to attend (though encouraged).

What do I have to do for community service hours?

For the 15 community service hours, you can perform a number of services; You can table or work at sorority events, or you can also do your own personal volunteer service, and that will count!

Does Sigma Psi Kappa have a risk management policy?

Yes, we do, in cases of emergency we have protective measures in place for everyone sister and non-sister alike.

Is there a GPA requirement to be in Sigma Psi Kappa?

Yes, to be an active sister we require a 2.5 GPA! If you join and your grades start to slip, we have mandatory study hours with the sisters to keep you from hitting that threshold.

During the associate member process will my grades drop?

While that can happen with bad time management, for associate members there are a required 3 study hours a week with the sisters to help prevent this!

How much does it normally cost to be in Sigma Psi Kappa?

To become an associate member you must pay $50 for insurance coverage from the sorority, after becoming an active member dues average about $113 per semester. The dues per semester change based on factors like the number of active sisters or resources needed!

What do my dues go to?

1/3rd budgets, 1/3rd insurance, 1/3rd other; Position budgets, Insurance for liability, CPH/IFSC fees, Recruitment shirts, Food budget, Website, and the incorporation fee.


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